Sunday Night Syndrome: How New Work New Life Was Created

Have you ever experienced "Sunday Night Syndrome"?

It's that feeling of anxiety or depression that creeps up on Sunday evening as you think about going to work on Monday morning. Years ago I experienced it almost every week. I dreaded going to work and when I was there I watched the clock constantly. Five PM could never come fast enough for me to escape.

I felt like a small cog in a giant corporate machine .

If I were to get hit by a bus they could get someone else to replace me in a couple of days and never miss a beat. I was unhappy at work and truthfully, I was not a very nice person. Being that unhappy actually changed my personality and how I interacted with others. I felt that there had to be a job where I could make a difference; that what I did mattered; and that what I did contributed to the world in some way.

Sound familiar?

I think that many people are in the same situation that I was once in. They are unfulfilled at work and feel like they should do something else, but for various reasons don't know how to make the change, or are afraid to make the change. Perhaps their unhappiness at work is affecting their personal life as well. Maybe they are impatient with their children or take out their frustration on their spouse. It's a terrible way to live.

After a long process and lots of self examination I found work that I enjoyed; that allowed my skills and talents to be appreciated; where I knew that I mattered; and I made a real difference for others.

My mission now is to empower others to create their ideal career that helps them to feel like they matter.

Work shouldn't be something that drains you, it should be something that fulfills you. Once I changed my job to something that I enjoyed doing and that gave me a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, my whole life changed.

I actually look forward to starting my work week every Monday!!

When I was trying to create a name for my new business, I remembered how my work life affected my personal life and how my new work helped create my new life , hence the name.