You Can Reinvent Yourself After 50!

Do you think that because you are over 50 it is too late to change your career or make a major life change? Think again.

Katie Couric profiled women on her show recently who reinvented themselves and made huge career and life changes when they were over 50 years old.

These are just three examples of women who not only changed their jobs, but their entire lives . And men, you can do it too, but I think that women tend to be more brave in making changes.

The common thread all three women share is the passion and commitment to what they do. Plus they were pushed way outside of their comfort zones. You don't have to change the world, like Danielle did, but you can change YOUR world. When we are comfortable or things "aren't that bad" we don't change.

If the thought of changing your entire life terrifies you, then make small changes. Remember, every time you make a successful change it prepares you for the next. Set a goal for yourself and work towards it, baby step by baby step.

Here are three inspirational stories:

Danielle Butin was a divorced mom who had been laid off her executive corporate job in the health care field. She founded the AFYA Foundation which collects new, unused medical supplies from hospitals and facilities in the U.S. and distributes them to impoverished places like Haiti and Africa. She says that her experience with corporate accountability and executive functioning gave her the poise she needed to approach CEOs of major health centers as well as heads of state to bring her programs into their countries. But remember, non-profit does not mean no pay . Danielle was a single mother with children to support. She earns a good living while doing good in the world. (and you can too)

Fifty one year old Sandra Coast was an empty nester, also a single mom, who had just sent her son off to join the Marines. She says at that point she could either start dating or join the Army. The Army sounded less scary. So she enlisted. Normally the Army does not take new recruits over the age of about 30, but Sandra's prior Navy experience made her an exception. She did participate in boot camp alongside the other 20somethings and is now an Army reservist, proudly serving our country.

Former televison producer Marla Wynne knew nothing about the clothing industry but when she lost her job and had spent all her savings she remembered what she had loved to do as a young girl and started sewing. She felt that there were few fashions that fit the curves of a middle age woman's body and saw an underserved market niche. She designs, creates and manufactures affordable, stylish, easy care clothes for just that market and has been extremely successful. She says that getting started in a new business is partly arrogance and partly stupidity . If she knew all that she didn't know, she wouldn't have done it, but she's very glad she did.

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