Top 12 Signs That You Need a New Career

Do you need a new career direction or a new job? Check out the 12 signs below. (in no particular order)

If any, or all of these sound like you, then you are due for a career change. No matter what your age or financial situation you can find work that you can feel great about. Wouldn't it be wonderful to look forward to going to work? It IS possible. See my Step by Step Guide to change your career for more information, or sign up for one of my workshops . My resources page has lots of tools to get you started.

  1. You suffer from "Sunday Night Syndrome" - that feeling of dread, anxiety, depression or stress on Sunday night as you think about starting the work week Monday morning.
  2. General irritability , both at work and that spills over into your home life. Impatience and frustration with your job, your co-workers and perhaps your life in general.
  3. People who have known you a long time say you've changed , and not necessarily for the better. You are not as much fun as you used to be. You feel little joy in life.
  4. Your work performance has declined . Even if you are the only one who notices it thus far, eventually others will too. Perhaps you have had a recent poor performance evaluation and that is unusual for you.
  5. You live for vacation and find that when you've been away from work for 3-4 days you start to feel like your "old self" again.
  6. You used to love your profession, but you've become disillusioned. You don't believe in the direction or products your company sells.
  7. You feel like a robot at work , just going through the motions without care about the quality of your work.
  8. You have increasing health problems such as headaches, stomach issues, ulcers, sleeplessness and general tension.
  9. Your job has become too physically demanding for you. Maybe you've been injured on the job or not, but you wonder how much longer you will be able to do your job. You are afraid to admit this at work for fear of losing your only source of income.
  10. There are external changes in your industry which may be regulatory,environmental, political or market driven that foreshadow future job declines within the industry and perhaps for your particular job.
  11. You are not proud of what you do . You avoid talking about your work and when asked you say something vague or make something up.
  12. You want to make a real difference in the world, not just collect a paycheck. You want to give back to your community.