From teaching pre-school to Informatics-IT

by Alene H. Tyree
(Stone Mountain, GA, US)

My name is Alene H. Tyree, I am about to graduate in the bachelors degree program of Health-Informatics. This has been my dream to graduate with an IT degree. I am very excited about my accomplishment. Now is it time to find a job and the market is full of young people. It is so intimidating, but I feel very triumphant in any arena. I had an internship this summer 2015. The company supported the internship program in a major way. They had informative luncheons, educating the interns about the company and tips on how to get hired. Of course it was awkward sitting in a room full of young people, but I over came this uncomfortable setting with my mind and kept moving along. Now there is a movie coming out called the "The Intern", starring Robert Deniro. I feel the connection.

Trying to get a job in this market maybe difficult, but it is worth it. In the future I could love to educate underprivileged children and adults about the mission of computer technology in the business world.

Thanks for listening to my story.

Comments for From teaching pre-school to Informatics-IT

by: ellen

Thanks for sharing your story Alene! You are proof that anyone can start anew at any age.

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