From Auditor to the Film Industry

I was a CPA in big 4 accounting firm, auditing public manufacturing companies, universities, and property and casualty insurance companies. This was a great career for me, I generally worked with nice people and was learning a lot about different industries and understanding/building financial statements.

However, after working there for 3 years, we found out the firm was closing our office and ~100 people would be laid off. We had the choice of either taking a severance or requesting a transfer to another office should we chose to relocate.

I wasn't a particularly big fan of auditing, and had been contemplating a career change for some time. When the opportunity came to accept a fairly generous severance to quit a job I didn't want any more, I ran for it.

After losing my job, I was able to travel, do some necessary cleaning/repairs around the house, and visit with family. Having always wanted to write and direct motion pictures, I applied to film school and enrolled in a masters program for 1 year. Upon completing that program, I relocated to Los Angeles and started working in the industry.

Though work has been sporadic in the last 3 years since I've moved, I have made many great contacts and have had a lot of fun opportunities to work on various projects. I got my first job, and made some of my longest standing contacts, from working as a production accountant on a low budget feature.

Since moving there I have connected with some producers, and this fall, one of them is producing a short that I wrote and will direct. I would say that my journey has been a successful one, and that I am on the path to a successful career after this change.

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