Career Change Workshops

Check back here to see when my next workshop is scheduled.

In the Cure for Sunday Night Syndrome Workshop you will:

· Figure out what is not working in your current job

· Explore what your perfect job might look like

· Create a step-by-step plan to get you to your goal

· Bonus one-on-one follow up coaching session with Ellen to guide you to your goal

I hope that you find the career change information on this site useful, but sometimes it helps to interact with others and get instant feedback. There is a big difference between simply thinking about something and talking about it. Once you begin to verbalize your career change plans they seem more real. It's great to be able to bounce ideas off others and get a different viewpoint that you may not have thought about. Having accountability partners is very powerful too. You can check in with each other and keep on track toward your goals.

To help those that want a more personalized, interactive experience I conduct career change workshops where we work through the Step by Step process in detail. The key is that the workshop is interactive . You don't just sit there and listen to me, you participate . You get a chance to ask questions and get answers. Participation in each workshop is followed up by a one on one session with me to track your progress and help customize your plan.

I am not saying that you can change your career in three hours, but you can come up with a solid plan in three hours and can create a roadmap to your next job.

I keep the workshop size small enough so that everyone has a chance to actively participate, but large enough that there is a variety of backgrounds and interests.

Contact me if you have any other questions.

I also do speaking engagements from 10 minutes and up. If you have a group that needs a speaker, please contact me .