Career Change for Women

Most women either choose to work outside the home or must work outside the home for financial reasons.

Women face unique challenges during the course of their careers and are more likely to make changes in their careers due to family obligations. Though there are many wonderful husbands and fathers who help out at home, women often bear the majority of responsibility when it comes to running the household.

Career Stages for Women

A career choice that works for a woman when she is single and childless may not fit when she has children, whether she stays home with them or continues to work. Some women work part-time or find home-based jobs when their children are young. Once kids are in school all day, women have more flexibility and full-time employment is more feasible. When the kids are gone, many women start to focus more on their own needs and wants including their career choices. The "empty-nesters" have the freedom to reinvent themselves and their careers. They may go back to school or get a degree if they couldn't do it earlier in life. They look for work that is meaningful and personally rewarding, rather than just a paycheck.

Transitioning from stay-at-home Mom to working Mom

Ways to stay up to date on your industry while you are not working

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