Becoming a Massage Therapist

by Frank
(Charlotte, NC, USA)

After over 12 years in the restaurant business, I was ready to move on and into something that would be a more positive influence in my life! I had been dating my girlfriend for about 6 months, and she was working with me at the restaurant I was working for. She had mentioned that she had always wanted to go to massage school, and it struck me as the perfect idea and the change in my work life that I needed.
We started by going to the local massage schools in our city, there were 3 of them, and soon after had picked one. It was 500 hours over 6 months and the schedule of classes was either day or night time, so it was going to be relatively easy to still work our current jobs while going to school!
It was a very long and hard 6 months, going to school for most of the day and then working 5 nights a week. We found that we had to study much harder than we thought. We had chosen a Neuromuscular massage school, and the amount of studying was very intense to learn all the information required.
After the 6 months of school, it was over, and we took our National Certification exam, applied for our state license, and then obtained insurance. At that point we were ready to make the change and started applying for work at all the local spas. It only took a few weeks and we had new jobs.
Over a period of 8 months, working and going to school full time, we were both officially finished and had managed to make a positive and fantastic career change!
Its been over 5 years since I made the change, and it was one of the best choices I made in my life. I love my job, for a change, and find so much job satisfaction!!!

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