Are you suffering from job burnout?

Do you want to make a difference in the world, rather than just collecting a paycheck?

Do you seek work/life balance?

Do you want to change your job or career, but either don't think it's possible, or don't know where to start?

Then you are in the right place!!

A career change can be a scary, daunting situation which keeps most of us stuck in jobs that don't suit us, but we don't know how to change. Or you believe that just because you have had a long-time career that you are not capable of doing anything else.

I've created a Four Step Process that will lead you to a better career, better job and better life.

I'm excited to announce that my complete career change process is available now in workbook format! By following the steps in the workbook you will be able to create the best career for you.  With the purchase of the workbook, you have the opportunity to contact me anytime via email with your questions.  You also have my money-back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the workbook for any reason, let me know and I will gladly refund your purchase price.

Not sure if you want to change your career or just your job? Here are some ideas that might help.

Do any of the Top 12 Signs That You Need a New Career fit you?

I'm here to tell you that although most of us must work for a living, we don't have to suffer for it. When we are not happy at work, it can spill over and create stress and unhappiness in our personal lives as well. Work can be fun, fulfilling, and personally as well as financially rewarding. I'm living proof of that. In fact making a career change or a simple job change might be the best career move you've ever made.

I've had jobs and bosses that I've hated and I've also learned how to create a rewarding, interesting career where I am valued and appreciated for my talents and skills. It's my passion now to help spread the word and help others, maybe YOU, to discover your perfect career and job.

Why should you listen to me? You can read my story on the About Me page, but basically because I've been in your shoes and I've made many successful (and a couple not-so-successful) career changes. You can learn from my experience . (see my job/career history here)

"A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle." - Khalil Gibran

Whether you need a complete career overhaul or a new job in your current career field, my goal is to provide you with career and job change tools, resources, information, motivation and guidance to help you to discover your dream job. It's also a place to ask questions, get helpful feedback and share your success story with others. I'm so thrilled to have you along on this wonderful journey to personal fulfillment!

"The biggest mistake people make in life is NOT making a living at doing what they most enjoy."-

Malcolm Forbes